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On February 01, 2003 debris fell over a 120 mile area as the space shuttle Columbia roared across Texas.
I pray for the family of the crew left behind.......Ramon said the view from the shuttle was beautiful.....I can only imagine the view from heaven!
I have to give praise and glory to God. I don't ask why things happen, I figure it doesn't really matter why, GOD is in control, He knows why.
I do know this much, God had to have had His hand over us on the morning of 02/01/03.
I give Him all the honor and glory for we were blessed by the Lord that morning. Explosions, a loud rolling rumbling thunder that lasted about a minute and a half, and debris everywhere, but none on the ground were injured!
I'm no scientist, nor a mathematician, but the odds of NO ONE getting hit by debris? As far as I can tell, we were blessed with a MIRACLE!
I hurt for the family members of the courageous crew aboard the shuttle, and pray for a comfort and peace upon them that only God can provide.
For all that were in the path of the shuttle, I praise God. I cannot praise Him enough for His protection as the shuttle rained down upon our fields and onto our city streets.
I have stood firm in my faith in God the past 2 1/2 years, witnessing miracle after miracle. Saturday morning was both a tragedy and a miracle. It has enhanced my faith to a degree I could not have imagined.
We are servants to a Sovereign Lord.
We are one nation under God and it is
In God we trust,
least we never forget!
God bless and have a great day, for it is a day which the Lord has made. 
Terri Byrd, conquering cancer through Christ!


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