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"There Was A Little Boy Named Isaiah..."



For Christmas they had nothing to buy him. He became very discouraged so he decided to do something about this.


There was a nice, rich, old man who lived a couple of blocks away so he decided to go see him and ask him for his help. When he got to the rich old mans house he knocked on his door and waited till the rich old man came to the door.


The old man opened the door and saw a little boy standing there. The old man asks the little boy "may I help you son"?

 The little boy said, "yes sir, my name is Isaiah and I live a couple of blocks away from you". The rich old man said, "Its nice meeting you Isaiah would you like to come in and tell me why youre here"? Isaiah said, "yes sir, its awfully cold standing out here".


Isaiah went inside the rich old mans house and boy was it a sight to behold. It was a two-story house. Isaiah had never seen anything like it before in his life. He said, "Sir your house is beautiful." The old rich man said, "thank you", then he went down on one knee ask Isaiah why he was here?

 Well he said "I guess Ill get right down to it sir". "You see my parents are very poor people and they told me they wouldnt be able to afford Christmas this year".


"I really was looking forward to Christmas since Im only 8 years old". "I was kind of looking forward to a big Christmas, you see what Im trying to say here"? The rich old man said, "Yes son I believe I know what youre trying to say here". "Lets recap, your parents are very poor am I right"? "Yes sir", said the boy. "And you arent going to get to have Christmas this year am I right"? "Yes", said the boy. The rich old man went pacing the floor scratching his chin and said, so what am I to do about all this"?


"I thought, if you would be so kind, that is if you wouldnt mind helping us out to have a good Christmas"? The rich old man pondered this question over and over in his mind. What would be the right thing to do? While Isaiah was waiting on the rich old man to make a decision on what to do about Christmas he looked into the living room. It was a perfect view from where he was standing, and do you know what he saw? He saw a big beautiful Christmas tree.


It was the most beautiful tree he had ever seen. He had never seen a tree so beautiful in his life because his parents were so poor. He was so excited about it he said to the rich old man, Sir if I could bother you for a second I would like to say that is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen" The rich old man said "thank you son". He saw the excitement in the boy's face and asked him if he would like to get a closer look. Isaiah said, "Why yes sir I sure would".


The rich old man took Isaiah into the room where the tree was so he could get a closer look at it. Then he looked at the boy who was in awe. Isaiah said, "Sir its even more beautiful close up than it is far away". Then the man looked up at Isaiah and said," son dont you think your parents are worried about you"? You have been gone an awfully long time. Yes sir, I guess I better go home before they come looking for me. But before I go "You must tell me your decision?" The rich old man walked around, and pondered this decision for quite awhile and said




 It isnt the gifts we get, the pretty paper, the beautiful trees, the snow falling. The real meaning of Christmas is that long ago, a baby was born of a virgin, and His name was to be called Jesus, He came into this world to save us all from our sins.


This is what Christmas is all about. In addition, since this is Christmas I will help you. Isaiah was so amazed by what he said a tear came to his eyes Isaiah said your right, I should have thought of that before I came over. I bet you think that was awful greedy of me, but I just wanted a really wonderful Christmas just once.


I was tired of not having anything and wanted something nice. Do you understand how it is waking up every morning wondering what its like not having anything? The old man said, "yes I know what that feels like." When I was young, about your age my father and mother were very poor just like your father and mother, but when I grew up I got a good job and earned everything I have here. The nice old man said, Im sure your parents are getting worried about you so Im going to call them in tell them where your at so they want be worried. Ok said Isaiah. Therefore, the nice old man called his parents and explained the situation. They said they would be right over.


 They had a beat up old car that hardly ran so it would take them awhile. The nice old mans heart cried out for them and said I will pick you up and bring you over here because I have something to show you. It will be a surprise until you get here.


Therefore, the nice old man told Isaiah to come on he was going to pick up his parents. He was going to bring them over. He went to pick them up and when they got over there his parents were glad to see Isaiah.


They had begun to miss him and were wondering about him. They were glad to see him. Shalisha and Matt were his parents names and when they saw the nice old man they introduced themselves. They said hi and the mother stuck her hand out for the nice old man to shake. She introduced herself as Shalisha and said, This is my husband Matt.


Very pleased to meet you but you have never told us your name. How silly of me, my name is Brad, its a pleasure to finally meet the both of you.  Yes its a pleasure to meet you too. He had told us were he was going. I had no idea thats were he was going. Yes maam, I will explain the reason why your son is here your son came knocking on my door this morning I went and answered the door.


 There was a little boy standing there and I asked may I help you son? He said yes sir, told me his name told me where he lived. I told him it was nice meeting him and asked him what he wanted and asked him to come inside where it was warm. He said thank you cause it was cold out there. He got in the house and I ask him why he was here and this is what he told me. He told me his parents were poor and they couldnt afford Christmas this year and since he was only 8 years old he was looking forward to a big Christmas because you know how little boys love Christmas. He wanted to know if I would help him so I pondered that question over and over again about what to do about it, and decided since this is Christmas and all, I would help you guys out.  Matt and Shalisha; Isaiahs parents told Brad that this was very nice of him to do this for them, but they couldnt accept this.  They didnt want to feel like a charity case.


Brad said, please its really no bother since Isaiah came over my house he was wanting to have a real Christmas so thats what I want to give you all if  that would that be aright? Everybody deserves to have a good Christmas and besides, I would enjoy the company. Therefore, they decided that it was all right. Brad said, "Great Im glad you decided to stay, lets get started then. Brad said,

"That surprise I was talking to you about earlier has got a little history behind it.   Let me tell you the story. First. It used to be mine when I was little I used it everywhere I went. It got me anywhere I wanted to go. I loved it so I thought to myself that I would keep it. It meant so much to me because I havent always been this rich. When I was growing up, my parents were poor just like you people are, and it was hard on us to make a living. My father knew how bad I wanted this. He loved me so much.


He had tears rolling down his cheeks while he was talking. Brad said, Im sorry, every time I talk about this and think of my parents I starts crying.   Shalisha said, Thats ok we understand and went over there to comfort him. You people just remind me so much of my family and the way we used to be, thats why I give great thought into helping little Isaiah and his parents. My father worked a lot of long hours to get me this so he could make me happy, but I was just happy as can be with him being around. I followed him everywhere.   I was his shadow I guess you could say and thats why this means so much to me because he bought it for me out of love and worked until he got enough money to get it for me.


I thought that one day if I ever got married and had kids I would give it to my son to have to carry it on to his son. That never happened, I never got married. I guess I was too picky or just didnt want to get married. I just didnt find the right girl. That happens sometimes. My taste changed when I grew up. I didnt want to get married as bad as I did when I was little so I decided since I dont have a little boy to give it to I would just give it to you.


I know you would like to have one, all little boys do.  I bet you already got a hint to what it is already.  Its old but its still in mint condition and it rides wonderful.


Let me go out to the garage and get it bring it in here and show you. I know you will be just as excited about it as I was when my father gave it to me.   I love him so much for that. Brad said, if you will excuse me I will go out to the garage and get it. While brad was gone Shalisha asked Isaiah what he thought about it. Isaiah said he was so excited about it he loved surprises he could hardly sit still.


He waited impatiently till brad came back. Brad finally came back and he had in his hands the most wonderful looking bicycle he had ever laid his eyes on. He was so excited he didnt know what to do. He hugged Brad a few more times and said, thank you, how did you know what I wanted? Brad said, I just know little boys I was one once. Isaiah said,  oh this is just great. He showed his Mom and Dad and asked them what they thought about it. They said it was very beautiful, they loved it, and that it was very nice of Brad to do that for you .Now for your parents I have something they really needed I hope they like it. 


As you see Im trying to help everyone out cause I know you need it.  I just hate to see people like this. I know I can sympathize with you, I was that way at one time, but when I got bigger I was determined not to be that way. I was going to do something about it.


They asked Brad, if its not being to nosy, do you mind telling us what you do for a living?  Im self employed, I run my own business. Its very successful. Im in the computer business. I sell computers and fix them too; I make very good money at it as I was saying. I hope you like what I have for you, it's really nice. It is in the garage.


We will have to go out there for you to see it.  I know what youre going to say that you cant except a gift like that. It's too expensive, but please I want you to have it. You dont have a car that will run good and it's all beat up. I want to do this out of the kindness of my heart so will you please accept it? They thought about it awhile and finally came to a decision. They said, yes, we will accept it. 


This is my Christmas presents to you, and I want you to be happy about them and not have any regrets about it. I don't want you to feel you have to pay me back or get me something for all this because you dont. I want nothing in return ok? I just want to help you out.


We know you do and sure do appreciate you helping us like this. It is very kind but we have no Christmas presents for you. We didnt have any money to buy you one and that makes us feel bad. You dont have to feel bad were you listening to anything I had to say? Yes we were then you heard me say I didnt want anything in return ok? Ok we accept it. This is awfully nice of you to do this for us. We thank you so much. No one has ever been this nice to us before or ever did anything like this. We feel very blessed by it.


God is being good to us by sending us you. A tear came to Shalishas face, she went over and hugged Brads neck and then Matt joined her then Isaiah said, can I join in the hug? His mother said, you sure can.  Come on so Isaiah came and they hugged for along time when they got through hugging He asked Shalisha was she all right? She said she was she was just overwhelmed. Matt spoke up said he was to. So shall we go out in the garage, I have something to show you out there, Ive had it for a long time; first bought it when my business started doing good. I had a little money so I decided to buy this car with it first car I ever had. It means a lot to me and I want you to have it now. I want to give to you.


You need it. So they went out there and Brad showed them the car and asks them what they thought about it? They said it was beautiful they really liked it. They wouldnt know what to do with a new car that actually ran without having to get out and push it.


This is a whole new experience to us. Isaiah said he was very happy for his mom and dad; they finally got what they deserved after all these years. It was a happy occasion for them. They had themselves a car that actually run and was nice. They felt very blessed Brad gave them the keys and said, Merry Christmas.


Shalisha and Matt said, oh yes this is definitely a good one, best one we have ever had thanks to you. It is no problem, he said, I love making people happy. I love to see them smile. Well you certainly made us smile. God is going to bless you one day thats a guarantee! You are very nice people. I have enjoyed knowing you.


We share the same feelings about you Brad. Youre a very nice man. Well thank you kindly. They said you are welcome and thank you for all the kind words you said about us. Isaiah spoke up and said yes, I do believe this is turning out to be a wonderful Christmas. Brad said, I'm glad your enjoying it Isaiah. Oh I am. Now I have another present for you Isaiah. For me? Yes for you. I'm so excited! We will go over to the Christmas tree and see what I got you. Ok said Isaiah. He ran over there because he was so excited he couldnt help himself. Brad just smiled and was happy that Isaiah was this happy. Isaiah said, look at all these presents are all these presents for me? 


Brad said, a great majority of them are. Oh, Isaiah is so excited now he can barely stand still. He turns around to where be parents are standing and says mommy, daddy look almost all these presents are for me! Isnt that great?   He jumps up and down as he says it. His parents say yes son this is great I'm glad youre enjoying yourself so much. Brad is so happy to see Isaiah happy. So lets pick out one for you that you would like. Isaiah went over and sees which one he likes. He picks them up one at a time and shakes them and listens to them. He finally picks one out that he likes and says I like this one. Brad says think you will really like this one If I remember correctly. Oh you really think so he says. Yes I really think so. Can I open it?



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