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sean collier


JESUS freaks
when the LIGHT shines in
the darkness
and there is no place
to hide
the free will come
`cause it`s our day to fly
yeah it`s our day to fly
JESUS freaks are freakin`
but we won`t ever freak out
in JESUS we`re believin`
we won`t ever have doubt
that when JESUS comes from the heavens
the free will fill the sky
as one we`ll shine forgiven
cause it`s our day to fly...
sean s. collier
Luke 11
9   And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.




Whatta Day

teardrops dancing upon my cheeks
for the joy within their home
hands uplifted like mountain peaks
pointing to HIS throne
pounding heart chants beat beat beat
the voice of PERFECT LOVE
grass stains swiping at my knees
flying like a dove...

Sean Shannon Collier

JESUS came...and JESUS went
so many times...HIS time was spent...
on earth
...before HIS birth
HE walked with adam..
HE walked with eve...
HE walks with me...cause i believe...
we are redeemed...
we are redeemed...
HE wrestled jacob...through the night
HE ate with abraham...side by side...
get off your feet...put your hands in the air
for the KING OF KINGS...
our HOLY ONE...has took us there
...where the angels sing...
HE walked the heavens...HE walked the world
HE walked the line...for HIS boys and girls
we are HIS pearls
we are HIS pearls
sean shannon collier
my KING...
JESUS is the ANSWER...HE is the WAY
HE took us from where we`re safe......
and i can`t quit hoping for the day,
when JESUS takes us... where little birds play...
we`re `gonna fly away... away!
JESUS said the children fly away...
living on the edge...of yesterday
a little child so run and play
never wondering when dreams will go away...
JESUS said my dream was here to stay!
we`re `gonna fly away...
seeing through HIS SECOND SIGHT
i`m learning PEACE ...i`m learning to fight...
till the day when JESUS makes it right...
...the little birds take flight!
fly away!
JESUS said the children fly away...
fly away!
i`ll see ya where HIS children run and play...
see ya...where HIS children run and play...
....we`re `gonna fly away...
sean shannon collier

JESUS is coming

JESUS is coming let us see
a little glimpse of our destiny
brilliant blossums,springs of water
peaceful dwellings for virgin daughter
golden highway babies walk
words of praise babies talk
look oh zion look around
all GOD`S babies safe and sound
fire and brimstone fiery hail
all HIS words,none will fail
cliffs and rocks barren holes
barren homes for rebellious souls
burning pitch,desert lands
sunbeat people on sunbeat sands
thunder and lightning crashing down
all GOD`S babies safe and sound
JESUS is coming HE set us free
grab hold of your destiny
live with HIS liberty
and live for eternity....

Sean Shannon Collier


Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew
their strength; they shall mount up with wings
as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk,
and not faint.

JESUS said

JESUS said that we will be forever
eternity... never too far gone
JESUS said that we will be in heaven
eternity... it will be our home
JESUS said that HE has walked for me
through the end of eternity
JESUS said that HE has seen for me
through the end of infinity
and i believe...
i can`t wait to see
what HE built for me
when this world is gone
JESUS said that we will be forever
HE`S coming down to take us home
we`ve never seen never heard nor imagined
children run and play on streets of gold
JESUS said that HE has walked for you
your taking steps... your walking is through
i can`t wait to see... us flying free
when this world is gone..

Sean Shannon Collier

JESUS introduced us...

(for my in travel)

i looked up at the clouds of heaven
i felt their raindrops on my cheeks
i looked out across the mountains
mine eye beheld their peaks
i approached an emerald forest
with my hands i studied the trees
with my eyes i searched the canopy
and beheld their falling leaves
i walked across the flattest plains
and my feet trod rolling hills
i waded up secluded creeks
witnessing their waterfalls spill
picking all those flowers
capturing their scent with my nose
trodding the banks of muddy rivers
squishing them between my toes
i lay on my back in a moonlit meadow
mine eyes began counting the stars
with my ears i heard a hoot owl
hooting from someplace far...

grabbing an apple off a tree
it`s sweetness was caught by my tongue
across my temples i felt a north wind blow
it`s whispers awakening  my lungs
with my feet i entered a city
i saw it`s towers challenge the sky
i saw the chariots jostling in the streets
their drivers speeding them by
i talked with the homeless in the alleys
polution corrupting my nose
the ground was shaking under my feet
from the subways down below
then i fled into the wilderness
and leaning against a tree
i contemplated everything
that i had ever seen
i peered into the palms of my hands
remembering all they had ever touched
and that multitude of explorations
now seemed to be not much...

i sat there bored out of my mind
for there was nothing left to see
nothing to explore that hadn`t been explored
no new place left to flee...
then i looked behind my eyes
and discovered a whole new world
the mysteries of my conciousness
began slowly to unfurl
the deeper i peered behind my eyes
the more i began to know
that the world without was a big disguise
and within me a living soul
it`s boundaries are ever limitless
it`s depths having no certain end
that day the man behind my eyes
became a new found friend
the universe has it`s limits
and all that lies within
but my soul i`ll explore forever
my new found friend

Sean Shannon Collier



I Know

i don`t know what future comes for me
but i know HE`S gonna take me there
how i survived my future,i don`t know
but i know i`m in HIS care
i don`t know where i ended up
but i know i stood on CHRIST
i don`t know how long i lived
but i know i died with LIFE....

Sean Shannon Collier

there is a darkness around us...
adorned with lies...
for it appears to be brighter than the LIGHT
we can see it,taste it,smell it,touch it......
but when we hear it... it speaks of it`s demise...
for THE LIGHT calls TRUTH from our hearts
we tend to love to paint the darkness...
but in hearing TRUTH......we LOVE to LIVE...

Waiting For The Dance

to the north danced reuben,judah and levi
the LORD was there
to the east danced joseph,benjamin and dan
the LORD was there
to the south danced simeon,issachar and zebulun
the LORD was there
to the west danced gad,asher and naphtali
the LORD was there
we sang praises throughout the city
there was no sorrow
there was no grief
the LORD GOD dried all our tears
and the city was called

Sean Shannon Collier



little birds singing in the tree
the MASTER lit their sky
soaring like eagles on bended knees
in their perfect nest on high
no ones heard it or had the thought
or captured with their eye
the place we`ll go when this place is not
our nests up in the sky
away we flew to where we never knew
with JESUS in the sky
a place HE built for me and you
a place where we can fly...
on little legs on little feet
we stood the test of time
JESUS took us in HIS wings
to our perfect nest on high
EMANUEL has took us there
now we`ll never die
me and you we're gonna share
our perfect nest on high

Sean Shannon Collier


The Ice Has Gone

SPRING has come behind my eyes
my mind is filled with SUNNY SKIES
HIS rain is sweet,like a flower i grow
a ROSE OF SHARON within my soul
thank YOU so for what YOU`VE done
i can see the stars through YOUR eyes alone
YOUR living waters flow through my bones
YOUR lips like rubies carress my ears
they strengthen my soul,subdue my fears
with the eyes of doves YOU look at me
with TRUTH and LOVE YOU set me free
yes SPRING has come behind my eyes
no more winter,no more lies...

Sean Shannon Collier


LOVE song...

Sean Collier

i`m in LOVE with YOU...
i`ll always LOVE YOU...
i spent my LIFE looking for YOU
i spent my LIFE trying to get through
YOU looked at me...i looked at YOU
what was i to do...
i`m in LOVE with YOU...
hand in HAND we walked away
through the end of time
hand in HAND i heard YOU say
forever YOU`ll be mine
i`m in LOVE with YOU...
we`re in LOVE with you...
we`ll always LOVE YOU...
in HIS HANDS we are free
to live our lives with LIBERTY
cause JESUS came...away we went
our time on earth...had been spent
and JESUS said...come on in
leave that place and leave your sins
behind...leave it all behind
whatcha gonna the end of time...
is a tree of LIFE...streets of gold
you`ll never be`ll never be old
you`ll see HIS another place
HE ran your race...your dreams HE chased
for you...whatcha gonna do
that HE ain`t done for you...
we`re in LOVE with YOU...
we`re in LOVE with YOU...
we`re in LOVE with YOU...




stars in HIS EYES

can you see the stars in HIS eyes
do you wonder why
do you see in the night with second sight
do you wonder why
do you think you could fly
do you wonder why
i saw a light at the end of the alleyway
i heard SOMEONE calling out my name
HE said...I died for you...lived for you too
JESUS died so now i live
the SON OF GOD is the PRICE HE`D give
for me ...the PRICE HE gave for you...
our days of pain are through
so when teardrops lace your footprints home
you can know you`re not alone
HE died for you...
HE lived for you too...
our days of pain are through...

Sean Shannon Collier

hey ya`ll...i like to draw for our LORD...
wanna` see some of my work ?`s mouse art
...if you do just click my name....GOD bless...

sean shannon collier

the SON has risen the stars do shine
the beginnings of the end of time
down by HIS river on their knees
singing praises to their KING
hands uplifted to the SKY
those little children never die
they never die...
i`ve tasted RIVERS,i`ve tasted STREAMS
LIVING WATERS inside of me
i don`t get thirsty when i bleed
EMMANUEL has bled for me
HE`S bled for you...
the CONQUEROR...of our hell
we leaned on YOU and YOU didn`t push back
away we flew with the BATTLE AXE...

...cause JESUS knows HIS babies
HE knows their hearts
HE knows the ones
who`ve been torn apart
HE puts us back together
and the pieces fit right
HE puts us on our knees
HE shows us how to fight...
the CONQUEROR...of our hell
take us home...where birds can sing
take us home...our KING OF KINGS
take us home...where all is well
take us home...EMMANUEL...

sean shannon collier


Soldier's Story

Sean Collier

he walked tall with a winning smile
he was a squiggling worm
walking proud with elegance
hiding the way he squirmed
speaking words with beauty
the beauty hid his lies
spoke like he had authority
but he was authorized to die
as a child i seen him many times
as an adult i feel his breath
our FATHER told me his name
our FATHER showed me his death
and my LORD has made me a soldier
to torment the man who walks tall
using a TWO EDGED SWORD in battle
i make the tall man crawl
and yes GOD knows i stumble
so what HE gave me most of all
WHO makes the tall man small...
......peace people......

Holy, holy, holy, is
the LORD of hosts:
the whole earth is
full of his glory.
Isaiah 6:3
i wrote my first short story...
wanna read?...
Ezekiel 34
29   And I will raise up for them a
 plant of renown, and they shall be
no more consumed with hunger in the
land, neither bear the shame of the
heathen any more.

Dirty Shoes On Blessed Feet

i saw somebody standing over there
said he had TREASURE he wanted to share
he was telling the world `bout JESUS CHRIST
telling how to die retaining LIFE
talking`bout a place placed most commodious
with LOVE laughter and gleeful things
a place where birds sing most melodious
i could hear the TRUTH in what he said
he couldn`t hide what was in his head
he couldn`t hide what i also know
that JESUS CHRIST saved my soul...
pitching him some coins i walked away
behind me i heard him loudly say
hey dude come back,i`ve done been paid`
can`t pay me twice,don`t work that way`
i turned and saw his frazzled look
his shoes were all full of holes
i walked away holding up my book
grinning like a frog because i know....

Sean Shannon Collier


LORD thou knowest

oh LORD THOU knowest
by THINE HAND was it done
oh LORD THOU knowest
we crucified YOUR SON
oh LORD THOU knowest
oh LORD THOU knowest
oh LORD i`m sure
the ONE of everlasting
YOU dwelt behind HIS eyes
oh LORD THOU knowest

Sean Shannon Collier

what stars must lie...
beyond the day
when all the stars...
have gone away
what stars must lie...
beyond this LIFE
where we will see...
what stars must lie...
beyond what is,
what was and will be...
forever HIS
what stars must lie...
beyond such as these
where little birds fly...
the FACE of GOD shone brightly...
HE crucified the WORD
and bled upon the little hearts...
of all HIS little birds
now friends listen closely...
your wings will daily grow
when the FACE of GOD shines brightly...
and the WORD has saved your soul
hey little bird have you heard?
hey little bird have you heard?
hey little bird have you heard?
that you are LOVED...
by the WORD
sean s. collier

Rock On

like jagged rocks in lazy brooks
parting the flow on it`s way
are the children of the LIVING GOD
in the world were we live today
the brook will flow throughout it`s purpose
and the rocks will direct it`s flow
this is our purpose oh little ones
all ye with living souls
be strong,have courage,stand your ground
the waters stand not a chance
speak with boldness your FATHERS words
and watch the waters dance...

Sean Shannon Collier

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Have Mercy

Sean Collier

i know not the experience of WISDOM or TRUTH
yet by WISDOM and TRUTH am i known
so many nightmares and sunny days
so many things to be shown
show me WISDOM show me TRUTH
let my footsteps follow THINE
show YOURSELF to a crazy man
that walks a crazy line
each day i pray some perfect day
i`ll know YOU more than fleeting
i`ll LOVE my neighbor as myself
to each a cheerful greeting
glad tidings and HOPE with cheerful praise
no longer darkness when it comes
a grievious whirlwind oh THOU MOST HIGH
let that i overcome
i will praise YOU on the mountaintops
just teach me TRUTHful praise
let WISDOM dwell within my bones
have MERCY when i stray...



Sean Collier

looking out the squareness of my window
a painting of what lies outside
SONlight pours against shadow
shadows reaching for HIS tide
the day flows by pierced by the SON
the blackness of shadows tasting grey
drollups of SON where shadows run
like golden coins in shadows way
eyelids closing the painting remains
etched within my mind
i saw it all before  twilight came
i saw THE SON late last night...
...look behind your eyes...


...hey...bats need LOVE too...

a family reunion...

Sean Collier

so many THINGS that seem to be
so many PLACES so far from me
INTEGRITY calls from far away
i used to know HIM once one day
heard from MEEKNESS such a little sound
i`ve looked and looked HE can`t be found
somebody tell me where HONESTY went
i miss those days that time we spent
CHARITY came to me one day
needed something...what`d HE say...
i miss YOU GUYS my old FRIENDS
couldn`t YOU come just once again
oh please just once just one more time
i`m here with JESUS on the line
HE walks it for me since YA`LL are gone
hand in HAND we`re headed home
oh there YOU are...i see YOU now...
YOUR here with JESUS someWAY someHOW...



mine eye captured the homeland
though captivity was my home
how long oh GREAT FATHER
how long must jacob roam
the tribes are all still scattered
the birds sing songs of sorrow
when is the conclusion of captivity
shall we be captive tomorrow

Sean Shannon Collier


Flight Of The Little Bird

thoughts of fleeting flying far
people asking where you are
places you`ve been places you`ll be
places not so easily seen...
fly on little bird fly strong
sing your joyful song
fly your heart away
till all have heard you say
that JESUS alone has saved
all that`s gone astray
fly on little bird fly free
there`s none other save HE
fly with your new wings
fly on little bird,fly on...

Sean Shannon Collier

John 7
37   In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.
38   He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Mark 16
15   And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

MIGHTY COUNSELLOR tell us,when will we go
where YOUR river runs through our new home...
down by YOUR river JESUS came
gathered all YOUR babies and held us safe
down by YOUR river a LIVING LIGHT
down by YOUR river  children sing
down by YOUR river we seen our KING
down by YOUR river JESUS will bring
a PERFECT end to a PERFECT thing
a PERFECT end to a PERFECT thing
MIGHTY COUNSELLOR take us where YOUR streets are gold
and YOUR river runs through our new home
LORD show us YOUR river we won`t  look back
a river YOU carved with YOUR BATTLEAXE
...a drum chant entitled...BATTLEAXE.
   by ...sean shannon collier.




as a child i thought my happy thoughts
oblivious to destruction
as a man there`s a touch of sorrow
mingled with every function
the yoke of my youth enlightened me
to concieve folly and know madness
as a man i ponder destiny
like an object... laced with sadness
but beneath it`s dreary core
holding on...i cruise my destiny
holding on...i live to fight...

Sean Shannon Collier


Another Day

lonely people on lonely streets
hearing lonely noises
nobody stopping the pounding beat
of all the lying voices
lights are flashing the people dance
instruments of crime
somebody asking if there`s a chance
that you can walk the line
disfunction,corruption,and malfunction
at every conjunction...
lonely people need to meet
THE ONE by whom they are loved
then lonely people can dance to the beat
of no more push and shove
JESUS gave us eternal connection
a celebration of salvation
HE`S calling a holy nation
let`s dance...

Sean Shannon Collier...JESUS metal

it takes all kinds folks...