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Just click the mailbox link below and write your testimony in the box--I`d be honored and grateful to post it for ya`. Many of us come from "troubled" pasts, so feel free to tell of your past keeping in mind that this is an "all ages" site. LOVE ya`ll . . . sean

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...thank you much Rebecca...ROCK on!

I use to think I knew it all, that i would be able to find my way. But it got harder as the time passed on, struggling through day by day.
I fought the world, thinking, "who understands?" confused even more than before. My friends and family, they've never been there. They did nothing but add to my sores. Then something happened that forced me to think,it happened one night in my past. My friend Sheryl started to talk to me, told me that i've been moving too fast. "slow down" she said "for God has a plan, but you won't see it with your eyes closed. Keep an open mind with what ever comes your way and i promise, he'll take care of your lows." This left me feeling confused and scared. I had so many questions bout life. She explained that what I was feelin was real and eventually everything would be right. I went home with the convo still fresh in my mind, wonderin why i even bothered to care. Then, something Sheryl said flew into my thoughts, "bow your head and ask for answers !through prayer." When I returned home, I fell to my knees, trembling at the side of my bed. I asked God what it was i was feeling inside and to explain these thoughts in my head. I asked God what was the purpose for our talk and why was I feelin so alone? It was then that I felt my Lord gently touch my heart and whisper, "my child, come home". I felt like the leper cured of his scars, like the blind man able to see. "Why was I trying to make it alone when all this time he's been standing with me. Finally, many of my questions were answered, It suddenly all became clear. I've accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I've been born again and delivered from fear. May God bless all who read this, for it is by the word of our testimony that we overcome!



a friend and brother known by many as the "Macreme Poet", sent this testimony of how he was found by CHRIST...a man who today works with juvenilles, armed with the experience of having been there, and an ever present voice of praise for our BELOVED...
let IT shine Billy...
...ROCK on!

I believe in God because nothing else makes any sense.
 Believe me, I didn't want to believe. I tried with all my
might to not believe, to be a full fledged atheist. And there
were plenty of folk willing to help me in that pursuit.
Paramount among them was my high school biology
teacher, Mr. Petzel. Real name. I don't have enough
imagination to make that one up. Mr. Petzel was a
dedicated Darwinist who spent much time explaining to me
the 'big bang' theory, and I liked it. Loved the concept of
a universe that 'just happened'. So I tried to embrace the idea that
the universe sprang forth from the explosion of some incredibly compacted
lump of space matter and altogether would have, if I just hadn't had to
ask that question..."Mr. Petzel....where did the lump come from?" With
the whole of modern science before modern as possible, in
1967....he could find no answer. What a heart break! I was so close to
KNOWING that there was, indeed, no God, and that I could spend my t!
eenage years partying down with absolutely no fear of judgment, free
from accountability, and this good for nothing science teacher couldn't
even tell me where the origin of everything came from. So, nothing else
made sense. There has to be a Creator.

But I didn't give up hope. I was sure that the truth lay somewhere in
human experience, in human knowledge, possibly, still, although it had
let me down once, in science itself. Science continued to tell me that
everything had been formed by some grand accident, and that all things
were self generating. But at the same time it was saying that we were
running out of resources, and out of clean water, out of this, out of
that, even out of ozone and oxygen. We're RUNNING OUT of self-generating
things. That makes no sense. Logic dictates that there must have only
been a finite amount of 'things', and once they're gone, they're gone
forever. That thought demands that they must have been created. There must
be a God. Nothing else makes any sense.

Science taught me about evolution, explaining that some single-celled
seagoing thingie with an unknown origin had gradually, over millions of
years, chosen to become multi-celled, and grow scales and fins, and
learn to swim, then grow legs, and climb out onto the land, and grow fur,
and change two feet into arms, and learn to walk upright, and become
man, and that man, as was everything, was constantly in some phase of
adaptation and evolution, becoming better equipped to face the future. But
no one ever found the missing link, and no one could ever quite bridge
that genetic gap between chimps and man, and no one could ever find
conclusive examples of creatures in progressive stages of evolution. Man
seemed to be growing continually weaker, not stronger, and a new
incurable disease came along every year. Moreover, morals declined. There were
suddenly drug dealers on every corner,and a crack house in every
neighborhood. Human lives were being sacrificed for name brand shoes. !
Divorce became the norm. Drunkeness became the social standard. Man was
getting weaker and worse!Evolution therefore, simply can't be a logical
truth. There must be a God. Nothing else makes any sense.

I was addicted to pornography, and filled with anger. I drank, I
commited adultery, I lived with a woman outside of marriage, I impregnated a
woman before marriage. I denied and cursed God. I stole and cheated and
lied and assaulted. I couldn't sleep through a night for over 2 years
because I knew how evil I was, and I could not stand to see my
reflection in a mirror because I hated me. Today I am free. I share life with a
wonderful Christian lady in the bonds of holy matrimony. I am delivered
from porno, and haven't touched a drop of liquor in more years than I
can remember.I am filled with peace, and strive to honor God with
words.I give, where I once stole, and practise honesty, where I once cheated
and lied, and heal, where I once injured. I can lay me down in peace
and sleep, and the image in the mirror is that of one who was once very
lost, but now is found. Jesus is real!. Nothing else makes any sense.


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