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It's up to us to revive America.


God Bless

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

The day America was attacked I had just gotten home from work and had been in bed for about two hours, my wife Cindy came in and woke me up. She was talking about buildings burning, planes crashing, and many people dying. I couldnt figure out what she was talking about. I told her I needed to get some sleep, and wed talk about it later. Working third shift isnt easy, especially Sunday night. I got up about one Oclock and jumped in the shower. I saw a shadow come in the bathroom, and looked through the glass door. Cindy said, I cant believe you went back to sleep, and she walked back into the living room. When I finally made sense of what was going on, I was in shock. Like everybody else I was glued to the T.V. for quite a few hours. Later that night before I went to work, I sat down at the computer and prayed. Lord, give me something to relieve the hurt for our Nation, and the families of the victims. Its hard for some of us to fully understand how those affected really feel. In the days that followed I wrote quite a few more poems, about this disaster.

God Bless America




God we need some reassurance

Our Nations been attacked

We were not prepared for this

Our confidence has cracked

We stand and stare in disbelief

Were all numb to the bone

Our pain is unbearable

We all feel so alone

Please console and lift us up

Your words we need to hear

Our false sense of security

Has been replaced with fear

We pray You hold us in Your arms

We know Your love can heal

Help the victims families

Their pain is so unreal






When our troubles multiply

That;s when I look to the sky

I ask the Father for a hand

Hell restore peace to our land

I cant explain whats happened here

I cannot wipe away the tears

We all must look to God and pray

Time will heal these wounds someday

God has blessed our Great Nation

From the ashes well rise again

Pledge your faith both heart and soul

Just dont forget Gods in control



Lord You led our founding fathers

To this land to set us free

Weve become the greatest nation

The world has ever seen

Your words held us together

Through many ups and downs

America has prospered

We have always held our ground

With our prayers to the Almighty

Our wounded faith will heal

With God all things are possible

His love for us is real




Our Nation came together as one, there was no color barrier, we were all Americans. we all cried as one people, we held special prayer meetings to pray for healing. God was mentioned on T.V., what a concept! But as soon as those that oppose such things came to their (warped ) senses, they started crying foul. About one week after the disaster I went by a public school that had God Bless America on their sign. The next week I drove by it had been changed to, Bless our country. What is wrong with this picture?






In the midst of our destruction

God has handed us the ball

We have the opportunity

To stop our nations fall

All Americans are praying

For God to intercede

We Christians should do our part

To help with all the needs

Everywhere that I have driven

Gods name lights up the sky

But as the days turn into weeks

Our opponents start to cry

Our window is now closing

So pray its not to late

Lets make God number 1 again

In church and in state



Whenever things start going well

Who shows up? The guy from hell

He caused Americas tragedy

Now he laughs at you and me

We were hurt but not destroyed

We wont be the devils toys

He tried to bring us to our knees

Then we prayed and God heard our pleas

A hard lesson in survival

Led America to revival

Its our turn to lead the way

As we start a brand new day

We hear You Father loud and clear

In God we trust must reappear

Lets make sure we stay the course

The word of Gods our best resource






Americas found the Bible

Covered with years of dust

Its popular once again

To say In God We Trust

Darkness clouds an idle mind

Weve heard the wake-up call

Let the Holy Spirit guide us

Our freedom will not fall

We were fools to turn our backs

And walk away from grace

But you waited patiently

You never left our place

The mighty men have returned

Our fate is in Gods hands

Thank You for a second chance

United we will stand


If were One Nation under God

Why is He invisible

When Hes not allowed in schools

Thats why were in trouble

Dont let this opportunity

To return to His embrace

Pass before the evil one

Slaps us in the face

The Father sent His Son to us

From way beyond the stars

Nows the time to worship Him

Lets not forget His scars

The stripes they carved upon His back

Prove His love wont sever

So keep your eyes upon the Lord

And His stars and stripes forever



The day before the one year anniversary of our

nations tragedy God gave this poem to me.


Its hard to believe a year has passed

Since our Nations tragedy

I hope youve gotten closer to God

And spent some time on your knees

Our history shows our love for the Lord

Oh, how soon we all forget

America shined so bright to the world

God will forgive all your debts

Weve all grown and become stronger

Theres no better place to be

So pray for our brothers and sisters

And learn from our history


The next day I thought, what can I write for this day? God sat me down (once again) and gave me this poem.






Its been a year since you left us

It breaks our hearts that youre gone

But you died doing what you loved most

Helping others when things have gone wrong

You rushed into the North tower

You climbed the stairs out of sight

There was no look of fear on your face

You did what you knew was right

The tower then started collapsing

We couldnt see through the dust

After days of praying and waiting

I gave the Heavenly Father my trust

God will ease the pain I feel

And I know He will pave the way

To build the road that I will take

When I rejoin you one day

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