Desperately Seeking Shelter
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Desperately Seeking Shelter

John Gorby

When you walk down a lonely country road
And the sun is at your back
What a wonderful feeling it is
But up ahead there's a horrible looking black cloud
And you have no where to run
Lightning bolts are slicing through the sky
The thunder rolls past you with a deafening rumble
You turn and start running
Desperately seeking shelter from the sudden downpour
Finally after what seems an eternity
You reach your front door and step in
Life without Jesus Christ is like this storm
Every day we are attacked by the dark clouds
Full of hate and anger and uncertainty
Accept the Saviors warmth and love
He will protect you from life's storms
Enter His house and forget about the past
After you give Him all your problems
He will cast them to the wind
All is forgiven
You start life with a clean slate
He's waiting for you
Ask Him today



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