"Plant a Seed"
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I am here to plant a seed
God's love will help you grow
Feel free to ask me questions
I'll tell you all I know
If I can't give an answer
I'll find someone who can
Salvation is important
It's time to take a stand
I'm a newborn Christian
and I'm learning everyday
With the Almighty God
I'll help you find your way
His love is so important
He wants to take your hand
If we both work together
we'll see the promised land
And after you accept Him
with all your heart and soul
Plant a seed in someone else
and let God take control
Sometimes in our daily walk with the Lord, we notice we catch ourselves doing something
that is not pleasing to the Lord. When someone reminds me something I have done isn't
very Christian-like. I have said, "none of us are Jesus, we just have to be as close to Him
as we can."
In reality we shouldn't put ourselves in these situations. We need to be careful, in
 everything we say and do. People will listen to what God wants them to hear, if we don't
do things that embarass Him. When you are trying to lead people to the Lord, word will
get around among the non-believers. There is nothing wrong with being labeled a
Jesus freak.
If it wasn't for the caring, loving, concern for my soul, of the "Jesus freak"
that wouldn't give up on me, I wouldn't be writing this book!
Everybody on this earth, has someone praying for them. It could be your mother,
your best friend, a neighbor, or just someone that you have passed on the street.
When things don't always go so well
remember where you've been
You were on the path to hell
until you met a friend
He said just read one chapter
I know you will believe
The knowledge that you gather
will help you to achieve
The windows of Heaven will open
to bless your life each day
tThe wisdom He has spoken
will guide you on your way
Thank God for other Christians
who care about our souls
If it wasn't for their actions
We'd never reach God's goals
My friend told me if I would take the time to read a chapter out of the New Testement, I
wouldn't be able to put it down. I kept putting it off, because I didn't believe him. I finally
agreed, to just get him off my back. I started with the 2nd chapter of Matthew.
When I finished reading it, I went to chapter 3, than 4. He was right! I was too bullheaded
to even try reading it when I was younger, even though others tried towitness to me.
 It wasn't cool, now I know, I was a fool. As I said earlier God is patient, He will wait.
If you want to go to Heaven
Jesus is the only way
Other's may tell you different
fall down on your knees and pray
Just let the Holy Spirit
come into your soul
He'll show you what you need
then let God take control
It's not for me to tell you
just how, or where, or why
The lord hopes I can help you
put His vision, in your eyes
So pray, and search your heart
and listen when it talks
Heaven is eternity
and that's where Jesus walks
We don't understand why God would care at all about us. Just remember He knows you
better than you know yourself. He knows your heart and soul, and just what you are
 capable of doing. We look at ourselves as not being worthy. He looks at us with complete
love. The hardest part for us to accept, is to submit to Him. Swallow your pride, and say
to Him, I'm sorry please forgive me.
When the sun slips beyond the horizon
and the darkness settles in
A cold chill starts to surround me
I am caught in the grip of sin
Then I see a brilliant flash
It slices through the night
A ray of Sonshine hits my face
It's such a glorious sight
Let the Father be your lighthouse
He can save you from yourself
He'll remove the poor lost soul
and give you eternal wealth
John Paul Gorby
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