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I Can
When you feel unlovable, worthless and soiled,
when you feel you're too far gone, hopeless and spoiled,
when you think no one can help you, 
I can.

When you feel that no one can forgive you,  
when you feel that no one can give love true, 
when you think no one understands, 
I can.

When you feel that your sins are not hidden,
when you feel  those teardrops come unbidden,
when you think that you can't take it,
I can. 

When you feel you've reached the end of your rope,
when you feel you can't try no more or cope,
when nothing seems to bring you peace, 
I can.

Whatever it is that you need
or my child, need Me to be,
don't you know for you I did bleed,
and your troubles I do see?
I can and will be all for you.
Nothing's too hard for Me to do. 
LuvzGod 6/22/2003

The Bridge

I want You to build a bridge Son
between humanity and Me.
It will also span the wide gap
that Satan created You see.

Build it for Me, then they can cross
from death to life twice if they choose.
They too, must consider the cost.
Some will accept it, some refuse.

There are some tools You'll need My Son
in order to get that bridge done.
This contract job takes only One
who'll work on this 'til setting sun.

The One that I've chosen is You.
Here's what You need, what You must do.
One hammer, 3 nails and a crown
to build a bridge that won't come down.

LuvzGod 4/21/2003

Love One Another
If we thought about ev'ryone's sorrow
as much as we kept track of all their sin,
we'd all have a brighter tomorrow
and what a wonderful world we'd live in.
If we kept our eyes on God and not man
and our ears focused on God and His voice,
there would be more people lending a hand,
having more things of which they could rejoice.
If we cleaned up our heart and life each day
instead of pointing things out to others,
we'd find that God would somehow make a way
for us to love our sisters and brothers.
If we forgave like Jesus said to do,
we'd find forgiveness to us extended.
If we let go of grudges and prayed through,
all with God and others would be mended.

Fall In Your Life
(for someone)
You've come to the fall season of your life,
and seeing things shrivel causes you strife.
Things once important have now turned to brown,
then they're walked on once they touch the ground.
There are still leaves that are left on your tree.
Those colors will live in your memory.
They'll be the things that were once pleasant, see. 
The dead ones that fell, don't gather to thee.
You can choose to dwell on those that fell,
or on those that were green when things were well.
You can chose to dwell on all that is through,
or take them to God, Who'll do right by you.
He will gather and bag what goes in the trash.
He'll burn them until they are nothing but ash.
He then your heart and mind will work to heal,
and in time, your hurt will no longer feel.


 Love Offering
I feel You calling me-
I can't resist Your voice.
Just why tho', I don't see...
but I've made You my choice.
Tho' I've nothing to give-
of which I feel such shame,
I truly want to live...
and I'll take on Your name.
My sins are so many-
can you wash them away?
As if there aren't any...
making me new today?
All I have here are tears-
and a heart full of pain,
my pride, my will and fears...
the life I lived in vain.
I give you what I can-
tho' not much, it's me.
With love off'ring in hand,
I give all to Thee.


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