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Life's Voyage
The Seasons Change, and thus did I,
Sometimes I'd laugh, sometimes I'd cry,
When I was not bold, I was very shy,
I wish that I could tell you why.
I was either  happy, or very sad,
I was terribly good, or awfully bad
But it's not about me, and I am glad,
It's about the best friend ever had.
He took the wayward, chameleon me
Went to a cross and set me free,
So that no longer, I had to be,
Singing my life-song way off key.
I set my rudder, gave Him the wheel,
Nothing depends on how I feel
 He keeps my life on an even keel,
I'm right on course and that's for real!
We're headed for home, no veering here,
The island of Heaven is drawing near,
I have no qualms, and nary a fear
With Jesus my Captain, to guide and steer.
Love, Barb

Your are our place of rest, dear Lord
You are our Xandu,
And the only Peace we'll ever find,
will be found in you
You calm the raging, tempestuous sea
and make the waters still,
And when we're feeling empty,
Our longing hearts you fill
The howling winds obey your voice,
The trees, their branches raise,
And all of your creation,
Offers up their Praise
We have no other place to go,
To find that Peace we seek,
Where only you, our dearest Lord,
will hear the prayers we speak,
Only you will gather us,
As a Mother Hen her Chicks
And save us from the evil one,
Who torments and afflicts,
And so, we hide in you today,
We lay upon your breast,
To be renewed, restored, and loved
In perfect, Heavenly Rest.

Exquisite Ecstasy
Today My heart is dwelling
On the blessing of the cross
Of how my Victory in life
did come at such a cost
How can I fully understand
your deep, exquisite pain
That took you to the cross for me
Your loss became my gain
Oh, God, such love, is drenching me
With such a glorious love
I feel my heart will burst with words
I have no knowledge of
There is no language that I know
to express these thoughts divine
O, Saviour, hear my ecstasy,
In words that are not mine.
Love, Serenity

Dear Father, please forgive me
for the pain I've caused your heart.
Arrest me to your bosom,
and never let me part.
I wanted naught but worldly things,
Your love erased that goal
Your love is like Gillead's Balm
that soothes my anquished soul.
You made me strong, when I was weak
You led me through the night
I know what total darkness is,
but you became my light
I stumbled in my ignorance
Falling in that deep, dark hole
You raised me in forgiving arms,
Ignoring my scarred soul
I was starving for Acceptance
You saw that I was fed,
You sat me at your table
And fed me your wine and bread
I was lost as a lamb in wilderness,
Or a child that ran away
You found me and embraced me,
In your sweet, forgiving way
I am yours, dear Jesus, Now
I surrender to your love
I will serve you and adore you
Til we meet one day above.


some of you may know her as
"Grandma Strawberry"


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