William Alexander Smith
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hey ya`ll....my friend bill here is an incredibly talented and gifted poet for the LORD...if you will notice,nearly every MASTERpiece he writes is centered around a particular verse or book of the bible...in order to keep your scrolling to a minimum,i have added a second page of his work...so after you enJOY this page,click...
...and enJOY some more of his enLIGHTening talents....


Psalm 14

Fools still say  'there is no God' but why?
With evidence in land and sea and sky,
And God looking down from high above,
Hoping to find someone to understand His love.

Finds no one to do His special bidding,
All are liars, joking and kidding,
That God is deaf or does not know,
What they are doing or how they go.

But our God comes to protect the poor,
While knocking plainly at thr heathens door.
Victory comes to Jacobs sons,
And praise is delivered to Holy Ones.

 On Psalm 15

Who may live O Lord in Your holy place?
None except those with clean hands and hidden face,
And those made innocent by the work of Your Son,
Planned by You before time had begun.

Speak the truth from your inner heart,
Do not mingle with brazen ungodly tarts,
Gossip not and hate no neighbor,
Charge not interest but honour labour.

Do all that you know you should,
Hate all evil and love all good,
Honour those who love the Lord,
Stay bound to Him by His sweet cord.

 On Psalm 16

I acknowledge Lord all good from you comes,
As You stand before me like those mighty gums,
Pronoucing joy and peace to godley men,
And judgement for evil by Your pen.

That writes a record every day,
Of those who will to idols pray,
But to those who follow along Your way,
Jesus has taken all sin away.

Now I rejoice and I am glad,
My future with You  my heavenly dad,
For You will not leave me in the grave,
To groan and moan and rant and rave.

On Psalm 18

I love You Lord for You are my strength,
And I know You will go to the longest length,
To save me from all who want to devour,
And present me in heaven in the final hour.

In desperate trouble to You I called,
And even through your temple walled,
You heard my voice and undertook,
Redemption as I sat and shook.

In Your anger the earth did quake,
And dragon like smoke You did make,
With fire and brimstone falling down,
My enemies were soon not found.

The waters rose and I nearly drowned,
When my Saviour came so brilliant crowned,
Lifting me from that watery grave,
To a mountain top and nice warm cave.

You are the flint that lights my lamp,
And with your help I raise a ramp,
That lets me leap the whole wall over,
And lands me safe in fields of clover.

I may not be a king all crowned,
But You have led me to Your Holy ground,
And showed me Jesus waiting there,
Who keeps me from pain and dark despair.

So to Your name all praise we sing,
From lowly slave to mighty king,
We can all rejoice because we know,
Your mighty love to us You show.

On Psalm 19

We see in the heavens a show of Your glory,
The stars and the moon they tell us Your story,
All over the earth not one place to hide,
From what You have made both out and inside.

Just as the sun rises in the east each day,
So has Your word come to us to stay,
And to teach what is right and how You are good,
To show us the reward when we do as we should.

Keep me from the sins of pride,
Safe from doubt and free inside,
That I may please You is my dream,
Through endless days my only theme.

On Psalm 20

May the Lord be near you all the time,
And your faith in Him forever shine,
May He answer all your prayers,
That you may worship Him for years and years.

May the Lord let His face shine upon you,
May the Lord do for you what you for others do,
May the Lord answer you from heaven,
With His love that is free from leaven.

Though some may trust in racing cars and others in their engines,
We will trust in Lord on high and leave Him to His vengenence,
They may win a race one day but coming up the next,
Will be thrown on the scrapheap never lasting like this text.

On Psalm 21

Is it not good when our leaders believe?
Their strength from the Lord they justly receive.
Their victories are marvelous no matter the odds,
For from morning to night in Your footsteps they've trod.

When You appear Your fiery lake,
Will swallow whole those who make.
All your children to partake,
In evil plans disguised as cake

On Psalm 22

David looked ahead as we look back,
Seeing clearly then those things we lack,
As he saw his Lord raised up on high,
And from His mouth came that plaintive cry.

He saw Christ's seperation from the fold,
As all our sins He bore on hold,
And while the sinners stood and mocked,
The life slipped out of God's priest unfrocked.

The hungry he had fed and still,
They crucified Him because God's will,
Had found one man to stand for all,
To redeem those cursed in Adam's fall.

They broke not bone but to His side,
A spear was thrust that opened wide,
A gash from which blood and water flowed,
A crimson tide of love it showed.

Then lots were drawn to see who would win,
Homespun tunic and other garments thin,
While up above my saviour died,
And I with others stood back and cried.

But David did not see what happened next,
For I did not see it written in the text,
But in the gospels it is clearly told,
Jesus from the grave rose bold.

By Jonah's stay within the whale,
We get the time of Christ in gaol,
But no tomb of death could Him hold,
And by these facts my faith is told.

  On Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want,
He cleanses my soul through His crimson font,
In His pastures green I am often seen,
And He rewards me well when I am not mean.

Though I walk through the valley of the dead,
I keep His helmut upon my head,
And in my hands are His shield and sword,
With all my soul I believe His word.

You give to me the oil of joy,
And at your table I am the honoured boy,
While all around my enemies die,
I will dwell with You in heaven's sky.

On Psalm 24

The earth is the Lord's so this Psalm says,
But this is not always acknowledged by our peers,
Though He it was who created them,
To shine their lights like a sparkling gem.

The question is "Who before Him can stand?"
The answer is those with a pure heart and clean hands,
Or have not accused the innocent of doing wrong,
They shall stand and be blessed for being strong.

Be opened up O eastern gate,
And golden door you have reached the date,
When the Lord of glory will enter in,
And a new reign on earth is about to begin.

On Psalm 25

Lord You know that I gave myself to Thee,
In return Lord do not let my enemies laugh at me,
For all who hate me hate You too,
And this is their sin, they have no clue.

They would not listen to Your ways,
But played the fool for endless days.
I will learn of Your mercy and Your love,
And search for ever for the coming of Your dove.

I have sinned and hereby repent,
And receive by faith Your message sent.
Save Israel from all her trouble,
That we may return to You right at the

 On Psalm 26

Search me, judge me, find me not wanting,
Keep me, restore me for I am all longing,
To come close to You and learn of Your ways,
Reward me with wages that only heaven pays.

Help me when my feet wander far from your path,
Turn me and guide me, soak me in Your bath,
Wash me  till I am whiter than snow,
Let my countenence show that my Lord I do know.

Now as the time comes and my life is near over,
Let me stand in Your congregation, Your fields of clover,
And gather me amongst the sheep of Your fold,
Then take me back with You to Your city of gold.

On Psalm 27

As the Lord is my light He will show the way,
His salvation has come and it is here to stay.
There is no one to fear who is greater than He,
My shield, my protector, the champion of me.

His temple I desire to be my home,
The book of His word my only tome.
My dwelling place within His sight,
Where I may delight in His majestic might.

There I will sing and praise His name,
My joy complete, my Saviour not tame,
For He heals the sick, the blind the lame,
My rock, my redeemer, my provider, the same.

I wait to hear You answer my prayers,
Some may take minutes, some take years,
But you know what is best for me,
So I put all my trust and hope in thee.

 On Psalm 28

Hear my prayers O God my rock,
Let me examine my life, help me take stock,
Answer me least I also go to the well,
That leads to destruction at the gates of hell.

Reward me Lord for I have believed,
In the face of information often received,
From men who claim to know of it all,
But where will they be when their life You recall.

Break the chains that bind all the lost,
Help us to save them regardless of cost,
For You have spent Your only dear Son,
And through Him we know the victory is won.

 On Psalm 29

Lord as we give You the glory I wonder why?
In this psalm of the Unicorn did David try?
To see from afar You speak to the sea,
When the wind and the waves give honour to thee.

Salvation came at the sound of your voice,
That brought into being the worlds of Your choice,
So what are a few trees , young bulls or flames fire,
When we know that Your praise is our only desire.

 On Psalm 31

In Thee O lord do I put my trust,
To know Your will with me is a must.
Even from the grave do You keep me safe,
For I was a lost and hopeless waif.

My enemies nets are cast about,
To trip me up and keep me out,
Of the glories of Your kingdom I love to shout,
And in the face of unbelievers my faith I tout.

For Your mercy Lord I pray each day,
And rejoice greatly for Your deliverence here to stay.
Make Thy face shine upon me and give me Your peace,
My brothers, my sisters, my children, my nephews, my neice.

May they all assemble before Thee in heavens array,
And praise You forever as they follow Your way,
May they eat of the fruit of the tree of dear life,
As they walk by Your river with no tears and no strife.

 On Psalm 32

Blessing upon blessing so starts this song,
For those who have forgivness for sin and for wrong,
I sweated and ached until at last I did cry,
A confession of sin with a tear in my eye.

I hide in the rock and a new song I sing,
And listen to the instructions that Your words bring,
I place the bit and the bridle of my life's control,
Into Your hands to guide me, spirit, mind, body and soul.

On Psalm 33

  Musicians  and singers it is time to rejoice,
Come together for the 'jam' of heavens choice, 
And praise God for all He has done,
His creation of earth, of moon and of sun.

A promise is given to the nations that follows,
The guidance of God over mountains and hollows,
And as he looks down from heaven and watches our kings,
He searches for men to trust in His things.

On Psalm 34

To magnify the Lord is my pleasure,
For he delivers my soul to His land of leisure,
And as we look upon Him we are not ashamed,
For he has calmed the sea and the wind He has tamed.

O taste and see that the Lord is good,
To all that love Him and obey like they should,
That keep their tongues from evil and their lips from guile,
As they depart from evil and seek peace all the while.

And at this time David saw his Lord crossed up,
They crucified him after He had drunk the last supper cup,
That would represent His blood that flowed for all,
But they broke not bone this psalm recalls.

 On Psalm 35

Lord You are my advocate, lawyer and friend,
You will justify my faith in You in the end,
You will tell my soul of Your salvation,
When You come to rule over every nation.

The traps my enemies try to spring,
Will return to them the evil they bring,
They mock me and say that You don't exist,
But where will they be when the death knife does twist.

Judge me by Your righteousness for I have none myself,
But take away all of the pleasures and all of the wealth,
Of those who honour not You nor think of the day,
When the fires of perdition will burn them away.


Daniel was with the band,
That had been exiled from Israel's land,
He was subject to Nebuchanezzar,
And a couple of his succeeders.

He had a very exciting life,
Though I don't recall much about his wife,
When God wrote upon that wall,
He came to the king to tell it all.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin,
Meant that king would soon be passin'.
Daniel prayed for God's support,
The prince of Persia had another thought.

It took all of three weeks long ,
For Gabriel to get through that throng,
Daniel bowed to God three times a day,
To the king he would never pray.

They threw him into the lion's den,
God having closed there mouths and then,
When the king found him safe the very next day,
His accusers were thrown in and soon did pay,
For trying to go against the God of heaven,
And those that he His Spirit has given.


At the time of the required reporting,
Satan showed what he'd been distorting.
God was pleased to point out Job,
And how he should wear a royal robe.

Satan said that Job put his faith in,
The hedge that God had placed around him.
Satan was permitted to do his worst,
(he was sure by then Job would have cursed)

Save taking the life of Job away,
The devil could not make God's man sway.

Job had three friends that gave advice,
Some of which was not so nice.
Job lost his children and much wealth,
By boils and sores Satan attacked his health.

For a reason I'm not sure why,
His wife suggested he should curse God and die.
In the end Job was vindicated,
The power of Satan was overated.

God showed Job He was in control,
Returning him to his former role,
Greatly increasing all his wealth,
And bringing him back to perfect health.


Esther was a Jewish girl who lived so long ago,
She was a raving beauty from her head to her toe.

The king of Persia found her after arguing with his wife,
He ordered that she live with him for the remainder of her life.

Esther had an uncle, his name was Mordecai,
He would not bow to pagan gods no matter what they would try.

Haman was a wicked man, the captain of the guard,
He built a great scaffold to hang Mordecai in the yard.

The king was wondering how he might reward a faithful servant,
Mordecai had saved the king assassination  that was certain.

He placed him on his royal horse and gave him a royal gown,
Then told old Haman to parade him around the town.

Esther told the king the truth about our Haman,
Who was hung upon that scaffold he'd built for the other man


I tell you a story I know to be real,
About a scholarly Jew with lots of zeal,
To persecute those who followed the way,
And stone them to death before the end of the day

He held the cloaks of those who killed saintly Steven,
To hunt these people he went to Damascus even,
But something happened on the road to that town,
A blinding light that knocked him to the ground.

The Lord spoke to him in an audible voice,
To kick against the pricks had been his choice.
Led from that spot with blinded eyes,
He knew he had been in presence of the most wise.

To the party he had prosecuted,
He now became recruited.
To him who believed that seeing was believing,
Now by faith was believing and seeing.

His sight was returned and the scales gone,
And through those eyes the spirit now shone.
Even the title that our man went by,
Was changed in the twinkling of an eye,
The deluded pharisee by the name of Saul,
Became the beloved apostle we call Paul.

Pam's Boy Stood on the Burning Deck

Pam's boy stood on the burning deck,
Thinking of the rocks that caused the wreck.
Pinned beneath the broken spar,
He cursed the time spent in the bar.

Would this have happened if his head was clear?
All this trouble caused by that beer!
Watching the flames lick towards his feet,
He could already feel the fiery heat,

His thoughts wandered back to his last port of call,
To a little preacher who seemed so small,
The man had found him in a drunken state,
And given him a meal though the hour was late.

He had talked to him about spiritual things,
And all the joy salvation brings.
At the time our lad had just laughed it off,
But as the smoke began to make him cough........

He wondered if his time was near,
To meet his maker in the air?
He called out "Jesus save me if you can,
And I will be your foremost man.
Forgive me for my doubting sin,
And change my wicked heart within."

Now over the sound of burning wood,
Came a chopper and there it stood,
Hovering over the burning deck,
It plucked our boy from off that wreck.

Now he serves the Lord on high,
Who sent his rescuers through the sky,
Being free from alcohol night and day,
He now shows others how to find the way!
William Alexander Smith
 After each new masterpiece I would eagerly read them to my wife Pam.
Her usual comment was "Not the boy stood on the burning deck again!" That
is the reason for this little story.


Back near the beginning of creation,
Lived a man in a godless nation,
All the world had fallen in disgrace,
Would this be the end of the human race?

God said to Noah "Make Me an ark"
And we will save some from the coming dark.
For one hundred years Noah warned against the doom,
But all were happy in there gloom.

He built the ark of Gopher wood,
His three sons helped as they could,
They built it three stories high,
And lined it with pitch to keep it dry.

The animals came in two at a time,
( You should have seen the length of the line)
The rain came down and God closed the door,
All outside had lost their chance and I am sure,
If we had been there we would be no more.

They floated aroumd for a year or so,
And came to rest on Ararat's snow,
As you can see one man can make a difference,
If helped by God and His Omnipotence.
William Alexander Smith
First published in "Walk Through Paradise" The national library of
Poetry 1995



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