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Standing in a valley,
Alone, and with no friends,
I struggle with the question,
Will this heartache ever end?
It seems that it has been so long,
Since I've heard a caring voice.
Then suddenly from the shadows I hear
"Make ME your choice"
At first I want to run away,
I'm not worthy of His Love
Then I hear my Savior say,
"Child, you were Never Alone,
I was with you in the darkness,   
I heard the taunts and jeers
I stood with open hands,
Waiting to wipe away your tears.
I was with you in the moments
You felt you could not go on,
I waited for you to ask me
To make you feel strong
Oftentimes in your pain,
In your darkest midnight hour  
I waited for you to come to Me
So I could show My awesome power.
But you faced it all alone,
Now you're ready to give in,
Child, cast all your care on Me
I'll give you peace within"
Then I fell upon my face
And before Him I cried.
I had thought no one could see
That I was dying inside.
I realized that the One  I knelt before
Was not just any man but The awesome Lord.
And as I surrendered to Him
Every hurt and every fear,
The agony I had felt so long
Just seemed to disappear.
An awesome light flooded the darkness
That had plagued me all my life
And I knew with such joy
He had ended all my strife.
Now I know it's not always easy
But now according to his plan
Nothing is too hard to conquer...
When He is holding my hand.
I know that I am . .. .. .. ...    Never Alone!



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