Rose Virginia Smith
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There once was a child alone and afraid.
Afraid of the darkness....Afraid of the soul.
She grew up on loneliness....Wretchedness taking its' toll.
She begged of life teach me!....Show me the way!
But all that was offered was fear and dismay.
She struggled in concience finding her way.
The road it was bumpy....And so far away.
But then came the Son-light that brightened her day,
And taught her that life is a lasting bouquet,
Of friendship....and desires,
A lasting promise....the joys of tomorrow.
She bowed to life gracefully,
It taught her indeed,
That all is not hopeless....In heart we grow like a weed,
Ever so strong....flourishing wild!
Make room for me world....I'll be here quite a while!
To take all you offer....And sort what I may,
 That I might teach another lonely child someday,
To grow up in wisdom....And tuck old hurts away.
The Son-is-shining,
My heart is warm.
Reach out little one,
Come out of the storm.

  (months before temptation came)
Feeling Your joy...knowing Your love
Praising Your Holy name,
Worshiping through Your Holy Spirit Lord
My heart was set aflame.
I was not aware O Lord
Of the peril that would soon come forth.
I felt so secure in You O Lord,
So happy...I felt I could not love You more.
O not come near my door,
Though darkness entered in
Searching for fertile soil
That soon gives way to sin.
So perplexing were those dreams,
Who die Lord?
My body...spirit...soul?
Not once...not twice...but thrice Lord
You warned me in my dreams.
I didn't understand Lord,
No wisdom could I glean.
Then one sure footing slipped away.
I tumbled through the earth below,
And saw the wat that demons go.
The demons were so subtle,
And when I tried to fight them lord
The battle took on a tantilizing twist.
The trap was opened wide,
And I almost fell inside.
My mind spirit froze,
My body so on fire.
Is it possible O Lord
To contemplate desire?
The pain...the unrelenting passion...the constant ache,
For sure I thought my heart would break.
The dam of tears broke loose
I was in such despair.
Would it be possible
That my soul could be repaired?
The raging tide my soul did fight
Until I felt inside I died.
I didn't come through the battle
With flying colors.
The enemy beat me black and blue.
He tried his best to steal my loving heart from you.
"Lord! my spirit cried,
You told Peter, satan desires to sift you as wheat"
But You prayed for him Lord!
...You Prayed for him!
In renting sobs I cried to You,
"O Jesus Lord, please pray for me
And slay these demons...and let my soul go free!!!"
Yet it was not my faithfulness,
Nor my love for You,
I shamefully will attest
That brought me through the battle
And helped me pass the test.
But it was the dreams You gave me Lord,
That put Your fear in me,
And kept me from the danger
That my poor soul could not see.
Your stern warnings lord
So perplexed my soul.
I fought the light with shades of darkness,
And almost flunked the test.
The enemy is sooo strong Lord,
So mind captivating...
So soul destroying.
His grip is iron strong.
Yet my spirit knew O Lord,
It knew where I belonged.
And I was given a glimpse
Of the pitfalls of fallen man,
the torture...the pain...
Extending far and wide,
Engulfing and destroying whole families
With the sins we cannot hide.
O the painful path that is so well worn,
Was not to be my thorn.
Though my soul entertained the ways of man,
My spirit was restrained
...By Your Holy Sprit Lord.
And when the battle was almost through
Lord, You gave me another glimpse of You.
In yet another dream
You showed me Lord...the battle won.
What the enemy would have me believe as fun
Was really ammunition for his gun,
That would paralyze...or destroy my life
In death...or heartache...I do not know.
It was a battle that left my emotions bleeding and raw.
A festering wound that gave off grief.
My tortured mind and spirit received no relief.
But You revealed Your hand O Lord,
And led me by the way,
That kept me safe O Lord
From the dangers of the day.
I thank You Lord...I praise You Lord
For Your Holy Spirit true.
He brought me through the fires of hell,
And led me straight to You.
In love and gratefulness
My tears washed o'er my soul,
For Jesus, Lord, Lamb of God,
Your truths have blessed and made me whole.

O Precious one....Dear Precious one,
Do you hear the Saviour's voice?
He softly says,
"I love you....Come to Me....Rejoice."
"Do you see the birds....the trees?
Do you feel the subtle breeze?
All the things of earth
Find their life in Me."
"My Blood, I shed,
To save you from your sins.
And in the Father, through My Name,
Is how your life begins."
"And someday,....dearest....precious one,
We will meet face to face.
For eternal life I give to you,
With My Love and Grace."

God gave us the winter land still and sleeping,
Speckled with jewels of purest white.
How quiet and peaceful things seem on a cold winter's night.
God gave us spring's blanket of green,
A lover's dream.
It's beauty begins to unfold,
With trees awakening, blue skies are smiling,
A beauty to behold.
Little tiny flowers are shyly popping out,
And joining in the song-fest are robins big and stout.
Spring! Spring! Its' melody sings in your heart.
God gave us summer so vibrant.
It is striking to recall,
How all the lovely colors
Are rolled into a ball of sudden flashing madness,
The flowers tell it all,
For they've waited for this moment
As they burst so big and tall.
God gave us autumn leaves on giant trees,
A touching scene of spendor.
Colors splashed about with markers clear and wide,
Red, green, gold, and brown beautify the mountainside.
God gave us all this precious wonderment,
So we may recall,
How much He dearly loves us,
God gave us winter, spring, summer and fall.


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