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let us remember before reading this that the apostle paul was once a pharisee...and GOD opened his eyes...
praise the LORD!...
HIS MERCY endureth forever!...


The Pharisees Alphabet Song
Bryan Hupperts
Sep 26, 2003

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September 25, 2003
The Pharisees Alphabet Song

Hi, SheepTrax!

Hi, kids. Ready to learn The Pharisees Alphabet Song? Are your phylacteries in place? Good. You havent spoken to any dirty sinners today, now have you? No? Ahhh, such good little Pharisees! Shall we begin? Maestro, music please

A is for Absolution
Which you will never earn

B should really stand for Blood But its better left for Burn.

C starts Condemnation
Which all but you deserve

D is for Damnation
For this dirty, sinning world.

E once stood for Eden
Now its Enemy of the Cross

F is reserved for Fasting
While we pray like were Gods boss.

G speaks of the Goodness
Of we keepers of the Law

H speaks of our Holiness,
We servants without flaw!

I indicates mans Ignorance
Of all that God requires

J means we are Justified;
Among men we stand higher!

K is reserved for the King of Kings Who loves our holy boasts.

L is for Lamentation
For those who lack the Holy Ghost.

M is for Messiah
Whose servants we shall be

N is for No One but us
For we hold the Kingdoms keys!

O means Oaths and Offerings
So men may know your works.

P is reserved for Pharisee;
What? There is no P in jerks!

Q is for shifting Quicksand
Where we stand in our own awe!

R is for the Righteousness
We earn by keeping Law.

S is for Salvation
If we keep Gods Law complete.

T is always Touch Not
Or we become unclean.

U means always, well Unclean And thats anyone but you

V stands for Gods Vineyard
Where his grapes of wrath are brewed!

W stands for Wilderness
Where wicked sinners dwell

X must stand for Xerox
For we clone disciples well.

Y stands for the Year of Wrath And those twice the child of Hell!

Finally, Z must stand for Zeal. For we Pharisees must be strong To prove to all that we are right And everyone else is wrong!

Beautifully sung, little Pharisees, simply wonderful! Now you know The Pharisees Alphabet Song! Are your phylacteries still in place? Good. Now pick up a stone for each hand and go find a dirty sinner to minister to today. Keep singing! Go forth and let your light blind! Ahhh, such good little Pharisees!

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