Tom B. Kuhn
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The Masked Man 

It is so safe behind the mask, that the world would rather us wear,remain calm and quiet about your faith and who could you ever scare.

 Jesus has done it all to guarantee that we may live, and being obedient to God, is so hard for me to give.

I am called to be the salt of the earth and let my light shine but I am a Christian who has conformed to this world and now find myself way out of line.

People  may laugh perhaps talk about me behind my back, if I stepped out in faith to lead someone down the right track.

Yes, I have made Jesus the Lord of my life as long as I dont make anyone uncomfortable or cause them any strife. My heart has too long, been laying among the thorns. I am called to produce a huge harvest so men and women can become reborn.

For years I have wondered Do they know I am a Christian? Have I ever let it show? Well they know I attend church on Sundays, however I know I need to take it a step further so I may begin to spiritually grow.

It`s time I step from behind this mask that I so comfortably wear and let God transform my life, so that through me the good news can be shared.

Forgive me Lord for not hearing you when you call, but I would like to thank you for the people you have  strategically placed in my life, who encourage me on my way so that I may never fall.

Lord come into my heart and make me brand new, because I know you can, and one day I may wonder who was that masked man?

Tom B. Kuhn

   My Boys

My innocence has escaped me, yet I can recall it as I watch them wrestle and play they simply have no worries or concerns of debt that we continually struggle to pay. 

I would like to go back, if only for a moment or two as my brothers would tickle me until my face turned blue. 

My boys remind me of what it was like to be a silly young boy, when just digging in the dirt, was something I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Our children can show us exactly how we need to be, and live our lives just loving one another and being worry free. 

Yeah, we may know a little more about the  world than our children do, but living with worry will break your heart in two. 

Remember to give all your worries to the Lord above so that you can continue living a life of love.

 Thank you God,  for my little boys who have made me see, that I need to return to innocence to become the man I need to be.

Tom B. Kuhn

 Fatherly Love


A fathers love is silent but, never goes unheard.our heavenly father gives us his instructions within the pages of his written word. 

God has given us the honor of becoming fathers too, so that we may pass on the love that he has shown to me and you.

  All men are called to lead their lives as God wants us to live, and to teach our children about Gods uncomprehendable love, that only he can give. 

We are in the family business of leading people to life and if you are as blessed as I am,you will have the assistance of a loving and supportive wife.

 If you are a man you have been given the power to be, a Christian man of responsibility.  

So whether you are an uncle, a brother or just a man without children of his own,  you are also called to be examples of our father who is seated on his heavenly throne.

My earthly father introduced me to my father above,  just by taking me to  church, living an honest life and showing me unconditional love. 

Through that  wonderful man I learned how I need to be, and to live my life and show love to all of Gods people with complete sincerity. 

 God sacrificed his only son that  we may live. a life of love and praise only  him.  

He wants his people saved and to live with him above so lets learn from our creator,  and live by his fatherly love.

Tom B. Kuhn

The Game of Life

Tom Kuhn

Life We choose to live the way we want and no matter who we are, the things of this world will attempt to bring you down and create in you a scar.

The test and trials we may have to go through make it so hard for us to cope, but fortunately for us, our faith in God and his son, bring us
our greatest hope.

At times our faith will be tested by circumstances we may think are beyond our control, but because of our faith in Christ, who dwells in us.we can just let his power unfold.

You see, its so important to know what
exactly our faith can do, for once we victor over our battles when Christ returns, praises and glory will be given to you.

Though it may be hard to be patient as we suffer through these daysremember the patience of Job and how Satan attacked his life in many different ways.

God blessed Jobs life again for his faith held strong so never give up when things in this life start to go wrong.

Apply what is yours and use it in Jesus name, for we have been given the authority to overcome all things in this life and all can be winners in this game.

Lets Pray.The Right Way 

Sit, rollover, stay . tell God your problems when you pray.

Some say you  cant teach an old dog new tricks, so think about how you pray when  you`ve become sick.

 You pray and pray , the old fashioned way, but may wonder . Why dont these ailments just go away.

Many of us may  think, I am a Christian and my faith is strong. I tell God my problems  but nothing changes, have I done something wrong?

God tells us that we  can have what we speak, just look at what he created in just one week.  

Jesus also knew that he could have what he said, how else could he have  raised Lazarus from the dead.

From a very young age we learned to pray  a certain way, who knew we could actually have what we say.

This is  what they call speaking by faith speak from your spirit and not by your  mind, the answer lies in his word, on what pages? You must find.

This takes practice it wont happen in just a day, we need to call those things  which are not, as though they were, when we pray.

Christ lives in us we  all know thats true, so take a leap of your faith and put his words to work  for you.

We cant wish or hope our problem goes away, we must  believe these words we use when we pray.

Release the ability of God within your heart, praise him for your healing, this may be a good place 
to start. 

Tom B. Kuhn


I found myself before the cross and how I arrived here I cant explain. I saw him  just hanging there as his body filled with pain. My friend,I watched him die, this man I love I can not deny.

He knew no sin and upon that cross, he took our sins 
and paid our cost.  
I heard his cries as the nails were driven through his hands and feet. My master, my  friend.. I was so blessed to meet.

What was happening? What could I do?  
...if only it could be me the spikes were driven through.  
He now hung from that rugged, old, wooden cross I must admit at this point, all  seemed lost.

As he hung there, I could see something happening, I could not believe. 

His figure changed and he looked not as a man. he had become diseased by Gods almighty hand.  

As I stood among this crowd where the soldiers gambled for his garments and his  
clothes they did divide, this was all happening right by his own mothers side.  
There were people yelling, Hah youre no king of the Jews you know Ive read this  scene in the bible and I know its all true, but seeing it in this dream, these people really  had no clue. I heard him say father, forgive them for they know not what they do. 

I knew what was coming next, since it was now close to noon this had  to happen and it would happen soon.

 His voice was louder than I imagined and those  
words still ring in my head Into your hands I commend my spirit was what he said,  he breathed his last breath and then began his victory over death.

There are times in our life when all may seem lost, so when this happens take a moment and go stand before the cross. 

Tom B. Kuhn

    Make Jesus Your Addiction

I have chewed tobacco and consumed my share of beer, I have attempted to fight these addictions through the course of my thirty some years. 

Ive found it difficult for me to stop doing these things that only cause problems and afflictions.the time has finally arrived, to make Jesus my ONLY addiction. 

The truth is in Jesus and we need to throw away our old former life, for all we will receive, from our own selfish desires, is grief and unnecessary strife. 

Through Jesus Christ we are all created righteous and made brand new, so I have invited him into my heart, as all of us should do. 

I want to be more like Jesus and have that special relationship with my father above, for I know that whatever I have done, I have been forgiven since our God  not only extends us his grace and mercy but also his uncomprehendable love. 

It was so easy for me to drink a beer or put a pinch between my gum and cheek, but now it will be God through Christ that  I diligently seek. 

I have taken grasp of my life and can now clearly see, that Ive never taken the Lord quite so seriously. 

God cannot be ignored as we humans may sometimes fall to sin, so speak to God through Jesus Christhis ability can be released, for it comes from within. 

Jesus is the truth and through him all things can be done, so the next time Satan tries to bring you down, just toss him out in Jesus name and believe you me ..he will run.

Make Jesus your Lord and Savior .he is not a fairy taleall his stories are not fiction and, I am thankful to say I have made Jesus my only addiction.

  Experience God  


How do you know God?  Do you consider him a very good friend or more like someone you speak to every now & then. 

God is waiting to hear from each and everyone of us, to listen to what we have to say  and we should set some time aside and talk to him everyday. 

The more we talk to Godthe more things about us he can changeyou dont even need a cell phone plus hes never out of range. 

God longs to know us and to show us his will, so if we learn how to listen to him through Christour lives he can fulfill. 

God has reached out to us by sending his only son, and through his sacrificeour victory has been won. 

Our heavenly father loves us and we all know thats trueso believe it or not he desires an intimate relationship with me and with you. 

When we practice this daily time spent with the father, dont do it because it is your Christian duty...dont even bother.

  We should go before him hungering & thirsting for a deeper experience of our almighty dadand he will  manifest himself to us like hes never had. 

 We Christians are different because of the close relationship we can have with the father and the son, so open your heart and experience God, so good works can be done.

     Tom B. Kuhn

Get out of the boat
Has your life been turned upside down? Does it seem your faith is
sinking and you are barely afloat?  Well, then its time to call out to Jesus
and step out of the boat!

Simon Peter took a leap of faith to greet his master…when all around
the storm seemed to be a whirlwind of disaster. 

He walked on the water,  but when he looked all around…the waves were
so high that he feared, he would surely drown.  Peter began to sink…
“Save me Lord!”  Then Jesus reached out his hand.

You see…his faith had wavered once he took his eyes away from the Lord,
and that is something we can not afford. 

Never give up your hope in Jesus for he is the only way, so keep your
focus on him… when the things of this world try to ruin your day.  

Jesus asked Peter “ Why did you doubt me so?”  For the measure of faith
we have…the further we can go.  Get out of the boat and keep your faith
in him, and we can avoid the things in this life that make us feel so

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and acknowledge him in all your
ways, so get out of the boat and walk through the storm and don’t even
look at the waves. 

Those who trust in the Lord can feel secure, for they will never be
defeated and will forever endure.  The storms of this life may beat
against your vessel and attempt to bring you down…just get out of the boat,
in Jesus name, for he would never let you drown.


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