John Ronald Morris
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John Ronald Morris is the featured soldier
on the "more stuff 4" page...for a better
idea of what kind of work he does,click
 on the link below...he`s gotta
lot to say on...
p.s. if ya wanna give ron a yell just click on
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poets: Eyes Of Understanding

Stop, look and listen
to This Man from the distant past
reaching down thru the millenia
imparting that which forever lasts!

Hear of a life destroying death
and of His death birthing life
in grand hopes that clay vessels
could be made His earthen wife!

He gives us beauty for ashes
and Light for our darkness.
It was all part of His plan
to make tender our hardness!

He was lifted up on Calvary,
shunned by God for our sin,
all for the express purpose
that we could be born again!

Myriads of angels could testify
of supreme wonders they have known...
yet none could ever compare
to that which on earth was sown!

Be not wise in your own eyes
for wisdom is born from above.
Let the eyes of your understanding
know this mystery of Divine Love!

Sing for joy at the work of God's Hand;
Heaven's bridge has opened to man!
John Ronald Morris
Often, I find it amusing
if not a bit confusing
how religion blinds the eyes
of hearts reaching for the skies!
Really though it's sad
and should make us mad
that Truth is stolen away
by the evil one each day!
Grand diversions, yes they are
when men's traditions do mar
The Spirit's work in the world
hampering His plans to be unfurled!
To inoculate the masses
with just enough to blind
the evil one harasses
seekers seeking to find!
Satan's day in the sun will end;
it's easy to comprehend
If you want him as your friend
worship religion with real intent!
John Ronald Morris

make me a child

Lord, return to me the innocence of youth;
where laughter and wonder did abound!
In that place we could run with joy;
a smile was more common than a frown.
We would count the stars of summers' night
and could almost hear them sing! Crayolas were fun.
Paper and glue a need; to make mom's heart smile with glee!
Lord, restore the awe of a puppy dog, so furry and sweet
to hold. This little life we could make our own;
a reflection of the lambs of Your fold!
Bring back memories of shoeless days;
cool spring grass caressing our toes!
A four leaf clover was a treasure to find,
and oh yes, my treehouse hid me from foes!
I ran to dad when boogie man was near.
Scraping a knee meant mom dried my tears.
And when I laid me down to sleep,
I gave my soul for You to keep.
Lord, be my High Tower; my Treehouse, You know.
In simplicity of heart, make me a child!

    A quest for innocence lost,a prayer

        John Ronald Morris

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