Cozeyville 2

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...sean wrote...1/2/2005 11:04 AM...
....a man with a shadowed face stood on the sidewalk at the corner of cruise and choose..........."hello fire hydrant", he said.......of course there was no reply.....

.....the man had been surfing the boards at a little cottage called "CHRISTian writers united".......a place where birds sing, simply because they want to use the songs their LORD has given them...

.....while surfing through this cottage, the man had parked his board in a garden there, called "the general board"........
and as he walked amongst the garden, listening to the birds, and smelling the flowers, he came upon a figment of their imaginations....a pleasant little bench, amongst the birds and flowers, called "The Story-Everyone Add On!" ........

........seating himself on the bench, he began to visualize in his mind many things concerning the LIFE and times of people and things in a make believe town called cozeyville.......
...... a place where GOD was still real, even though the people or the place never existed....
....a place where imaginary crossroads are at the center of an imaginary community, and beckoned passerby`s to cruise or choose their imaginary destinies......

......"hello fire hydrant",the man said again......"hello Ramona and Melody"....."hello everybody".........
..............of course there was no reply..........


Barbara wrote....1/2/2005 11:16 AM....
Ramona smiled to herself on the way downtown.  Melody seemed nice enough, almost angelic, but Ramona had become a private person, and hoped that she would not want to become friends.  She just wanted her space, her privacy, misery her only company in her own little apartment.  Oh, she put on a smile, a facade of grace and joy at work.  She had to in order to receive tips, but the smile masked  her despair and loneliness and the way she dealt with it.  She didn't believe in God any more.  How could a supposedly loving God let both of her parents die in that tragic way?  They had served God all their lives.  No, there was no God, she was sure.  She stepped into the drug store and purchased another big bottle of aspirin.  Eventually, she would have to see the Doctor about these recurring headaches.  As she came out, she saw him.  He was leaning against a lamp post across the street.  The man from the bar last night.  Was he the one who had tried to accost her last night?  She shivered.  She hadn't noticed the young man in uniform who walked up to her.  He grabbed both her shoulders and she screamed.
'RAMONA" he exclaimed.  "Hi! Don't you remember me???"


Ransompaid wrote...1/2/2005 3:40 PM

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of town, Carmella found herself aroused from her slumber. Turning over and popping open her cell phone she checked the time. "Eleven o’ clock?" she said to herself. She pulled herself out of her bed and walked over to the window and pulled up the blind while a blast of light burnt her blood-shot eyes. Moaning she quickly re-shut the blinds and went back to her bed.

"You really have to get up now, Carmella," a little voice in her head said to her. Knowing she had wasted enough time she decided to get up, and get up for good. Feeling the cold tile under her feet as she walked into the bathroom she turned the squeaky knobs to her bathroom sink and let the water run for a minute before splashing cold water onto her face. She looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t like what was reflecting back at her. She hadn’t run a comb in her hair for three days and her mouth was feeling like she had been dining on cotton. She knew she couldn’t stay holed up in this little apartment any longer.

Turning back towards her bed she noticed her wallet sitting on the bedside table. Opening it to count her money she realized she only had $100 left. After paying for a month’s rent and a deposit and stocking up for a few groceries along with the couple of cases of beer she had consumed in the last few days, she knew she was getting to the point where she could no longer sit in her misery and hide. She was now forced to venture out into this town and find a job, any job.

"Come on, Carmella, you will have no problem finding a job, just get yourself up and out there!" she heard herself say.

She took a shower and rummaged through her clothes and found a business suit that was not too wrinkled and put it on. Just as she put her hand on the doorknob to exit the apartment her cell phone rang which made her jump. Looking at the caller ID she saw it was her father calling. Knowing that if she answered or even used her phone her father would be able to track her down in a matter of a couple of hours she let it ring. After it quit ringing, she turned her phone off and headed out to look for a job.


 Barbara wrote...1/2/2005 4:55 PM
Ramona squinted and looked more closely at this tall man in Marine uniform who had grabbed her.  Her headache was severe, and her eyes blurry, but she would know him anywhere.
"Jimmy!" she exclaimed. "I haven't seen you since we graduated from high school!  How are you? What's with the uniform?"  Jimmy was in her graduating clas, and had been her date for the Senior Prom.  The last she had heard, he had been accepted at Notre Dame, full scholarship, and had left for college. 
"I couldn't concentrate on my studies with my brother over there in Iraq.  I enlisted.  I am home on leave, before heading off for Iraq.  Got time for coffee?" he asked.
Ramona hesitated.  She wondered if he had heard about her parents deaths.  Did he know that she was working as a cocktail waitress?  Did she really want to spend time with an old friend?  Still, she thought that it would not be polite to refuse him.  He was going to war, after all, and she need never see him again.  She looked at her watch.  "I have about an hour before I have to be at work.  Sure, let's have coffee!"


 Barbara wrote...1/2/2005 5:07 PM
As they walked towards the Diner, Jimmy noticed the yellow butterfly fluttering just ahead of them.  "I have never seen a butterfly that yellow before," he commented.  It seems to be leading the way.  Ramona smiled, remembering her experience yesterday.  As they passed the fire hydrant, right in the middle of the sidewalk, Jimmy asked "What idiot put a fire hydrant right in the middle of the sidewalk where people must walk?"  Ramona looked quickly across the street where she had seen the children playing in the spray yesterday.
"It wasn't there yesterday," she said.  "It was across the street."
Jimmy looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face.  "Now, that's strange.  Why would anyone move a fire hydrant, and especially right across the street and put it in the middle of a sidewalk?"  The butterfly alighted on the hydrant.  Jimmy laughed. "I guess our butterfly is wondering what it is doing here as well, and has stopped to investigate." He smiled at Ramona, who was saying good-bye to the butterfly. She put her hand out, and it alighted for a moment on it.  "Looks like you have found a friend, 'Mona.  Well, here we are at Ledbetters.  I see they finally fixed the sign."


Marion wrote...1/2/2005 6:49 PM
Carrie came through the door at Ledbetters' ...for her morning cup of coffee and chat before going to the bank...she looked at her watch and had about 15 minutes. ..then she saw Romona...
Hey there girl..."how you been she waved at Mona she like to call her..."...Mona waved back at Carrie ...then Carrie seen that she was with Jim ...a boy they both knew in school...she just waved at them both then...turning to the counter and yelling for her coffee please...quick.."she yelled...
She didn't want to talk to Mona or Jim so she just done her polite thing and minded her own looked like they wanted to be alone Carrie just sat there and drank her coffee...."Give me a cup to go ..Flo..." I have a long day today....the bank commissioner is coming to check the books...and I have to make sure that mind are up to is a pest ..but we have to do it.."
Flo handed her the covered coffee ...and Carrie gave her the money and a tip and left...again waving at Mona before she went out the door...