Sharon Branch

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Break my heart
as it begins to seize
giving up this ache
to you
the longing for your rain and reign
wears into thin streams of stretched light
Broken is best
for eyes to see

cloud dancing in your brilliance
swaying to the heavenly piece and peace
Visits sustain this treading tempo
lets play hopskotch across the universe again
or ring toss on Saturn?

I love it when you press in close to me
you are as small as my breath;
yet grande in the creation of that
Oh Master Maestro of every living thing!
let your scores shatter the shards of everything dark and dreary.
Your love swirls gently about the earth, igniting the children of light

The scroll of your will, unfurls daily, on through the ages
Everything in it you sustain with ease
Birth in me the prose of your living, moving Word.
While we squirm in our metamorphosis
You remain steady in your care.

You finished the story of your impossible love for us before it began.
You spoke the atom in Adam.


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