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here are some poems by shelly...
our dear sister...i call her,"little bird"... 

in the Pilgrim progress

In the sweet air,

I inhale the fragrance of your breath,

My mind is refreshed, aware of your presence

In the gentle drizzle,

I am walking in joys

My heart is dancing with the wind

invisible wings flapping freely

knowing where I am flying.


Never thinking the difficulties I may face on the way,

I trust myself to you without any doubts or hesitation.

I understand your promise of the milky and honey land,

No matter what I may encounter, I know that you are with me,

 to face the trouble together.

I am not alone, accompanied by your love,

I take each step by faith

Hope keeps the heart in gladness

My way is lightened up by your amazing grace

shelly chang


 For this , I have you ,lord

For all the tears flowing in secrets

I have you

For all the trouble I make

I have you

For all the best and worst time in life

I have you

For all the beautiful dreams I cherish

I have you

For all the sins I comitted

I have you

You are my reason to live

You are my joys to share

You are the life I want to live

You are the way I want to walk

You are the love I want to love.


I am standing on the Solid Rock

His strength sustains me on feet,

I am walking on the righteous path

His Glory showers me in light,

I am lying along the flowing river,

His water anoint me in heart,

I am running on the green pasture,

His hands grasp me by power,

I am flying in the blue sky,

His breath soothes me by ears,


Wherever I go,

His blessings shield me in love;

Whatever I do ,

His words guide me in widsom,

Whatever I plan,

His hearts understand it well

Whatever I confide,

His ears bow down to listen

Whatever I ask,

His lips offer the answer;


Whenever I fall down,

He raises me up,

Whenever I get depressed

He encourages me

Whenever I face the danger

He delivers me safe,

Whenever I confront the challege,

He shows me the confidence;

Whenever I feel lonely,

He comes to my side

Whenever I feel guilty

He covers my shame,

Whenever I complain

He bears

Whenever I want to retreat

He bestow the determination

Whenver I lose heart

He renders the patience

Whenever I get hurt

He heals me

Whenever I sin,

He waits for my repentance,

Whenever I show Him my love

He pours the joy in fullness


His love in its fullness is passed to

Whoever believes in him

His salvation is given to

Whoever calls out for His help


The way is narrow,

The door is narrow

My heart is resolved

To fight my way for the door.


For I know for sure that

My greatest Bridegroom

Is waiting for me

in His glorious and holy palace

Where he promised me 

a dance in the light

shelly chang


who is like you

who is like you, died for us on cross when we were still sinners;

who is like you, wait for us to turn back when we sinned a lot and accept our repentance unconditionally

who is like you,never fail to fulfill our hearts before we know what we really need

who is like you, always have time to listen to our hearty words and questions

who is like you, encourage us whenever we are down,

who is like you, pour out the value into our lives and show us the truth of what we are

who is like you, have the supereme power to judge the transgressions while have limitless mercy on the weak people

who is like you, remove all of our burdens and give us a good rest in your gentle spirit

who is like you, defeat all the devil forces and win back the complete freedom for the people you love so much 

who is like you, never force us to do what we don;t want to, but always have such strong attraction for your chosen people to follow your steps

who is like you,truly love us for who we are.

Lord, since no one is like you, i am determined to love you with all of my hearts, all of my spirits and all of my strength.

Lord, you are the way i want to walk , the love i want to love and the life i want to live!


shelly chang


The wind is blowing gently , touching my face,

It feels like the soothing balm from the Loving Creator,

Who knows all that I am cherishing in mind, and keeps ruling out the bad ones and meanwhile inserting the good. He doesn't want me to cry over the spilt milk or burden unnecessary frets about the unpredictable future. He urges me to focus on all that I have possessed at hand and redeem each moment at present for present is a gift. My heart is melting slowly in His overwhelming love and the tears roll down my face. Dear Lord , thank you for letting me understand what is the most important thing in life and not to waste time on some stupid stuff. Thank you Lord for having patience listening to my prayers and always bears when I am making complaints about the unhappy things. Your blessings are sufficient for me to use with each passing day. Thank You Lord for saving me, guiding me and making great changes in me little by little. Although there are a lot that I dont understand about you, I am willing to learn from you and stand firmly for your sake on the righteous path. Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen! 

This is a miracle day nothing can ever replace,

Among the green leaves

Comes all the day the winds dance

Relaxed, feeling its gentle touch on the face

Joyfully bathing in the golden sun lace

From the bottom of spirits

Rises the song of praise

Then the time waits

His great love comes

The hearts melting in His warm Embrace  

shelly chang 

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