Shelly Chang

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Who is like You

who is like you, died for us on cross when we were still sinners;
who is like you, wait for us to turn back when we sinned a lot and accept our repentance unconditionally
who is like you,never fail to fulfill our hearts before we know what we really need.
who is like you, always have time to listen to our hearty words and questions.
who is like you, encourage us whenever we are down,
who is like you, pour out the value into our lives and show us the truth of what we are.
who is like you, have the supereme power to judge the transgressions while have limitless mercy on the weak people
who is like you, remove all of our burdens and give us a good rest in your gentle spirit
who is like you, defeat all the devil forces and win back the complete freedom for the people you love so much
who is like you, never force us to do what we don;t want to, but always have such strong attraction for your chosen people to follow your steps
who is like you,truly love us for who we are.
Lord, since no one is like you, i am determined to love you with all of my hearts, all of my spirits and all of my strength.
Lord, you are the way i want to walk , the love i want to love and the life i want to live!
Shelly chang
Shelly is a very special young lady...she is my good friend,
although we only know each other through internet
communications...she lives in China...anyways,i have
a page in this site that displays this poem along with
more of her work...go check it out...
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