Derrick A. Wells

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Page Two / Derrick A. Wells




Blood Stains

There all alone bleeding, dying
All of His friends had run away
Nailed to a cross to suffer and die
This was the price He had to pay

They looked upon Him and mocked Him
Saying, come on down save yourself
If You really are the Son of God
Seeing You can save everyone else

As they looked at Him so helpless now
They said now tell us, who are You
With one last cry of pain He cried
Forgive them, they know not what they do

Bloodstains upon His garment
Bloodstains upon the cross
Bloodstains from an innocent Lamb
Bloodstains for souls that's lost

Slumbered over, just hanging there
Blood still streaming from His head
A soldier went and pierced His side
But Jesus the innocent Lamb was dead

He was taken down and put in a tomb
A big boulder placed in the door way
But when they returned to visit Him
He had risen and gone, on the third day

The old blood stained garment lay alone
A new white garment He now wore
Glistening much whiter than the snow
Bloodstains are gone forever more

Bloodstains upon His garment
Bloodstains upon the cross
Bloodstains from a innocent Lamb
Bloodstains for souls that's lost

He conquered death, defeated hell
The day He died upon that tree
I wonder if we are really worth
The price He paid for you and me

Am I doing enough each day to show
The love and thank's I owe to Him
For each precious drop of blood
Which has cleansed my soul from sin

I wonder if He will say well done
A faithful servant you have been
Come on into the joy of the Lord
And be a ruler over many things

Bloodstains upon His garment
Bloodstains upon the cross
Bloodstains from an innocent Lamb
Bloodstains for souls that`s lost

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Luke 22:63-71; John 20:1-10,19,26,31
Revelations 1:18; 1 Corinthians 6:20
1 John 1:7-9; Hebrews 9:22-28; 10:10
Matthew 25:14-30; 26:26-29; 28:18-20


Billy's Salvation

Billy was just a little lad
Always doing something bad
This would make his father mad
And his dear mother ever so sad

He would get punished for his wrong
It would hurt but not for long
And then when his pain was all gone
He'd do again that which he before had done

But then he went to Sunday school
Where he was taught Gods golden rule
And realized he was being a little fool
By allowing Satan to use him as his tool

He then asked Jesus into his heart
And to give to him a brand-new start
And to fulfill His promise and never depart
To fill with light which now was dark

Now he is so very happy every day
Reads his Bible and always pray
His parents, he will faithfully obey
And from all temptations turn away

Such a change has come over him
Since that he has been born again
And asked Jesus Christ to come in
Who cleansed his life from all his sin

You too can be saved today
Jesus will turn no one away
All you have to do is to pray
He hears all you have to say

Acts 8:3; 9:1 6, 17 20;Romans 10:8 7; 13:11;
2Corinthians 3:16 18;6:2; 1 Peter 1:22 25


The Old Mans Conversion

While laying there upon his hospital bed
The old man knew he would soon be dead
So he reached into a drawer and took
Out that which he had so long forsook

And as he held it close to him he wept
Because he could not contain the words of it
This book was not like those written by man
Being Spiritually discerned he could not understand

What did this mean; you must be born again
Only Jesus blood can cleanse you from all sin
Hell has opened its mouth; ready to receive
Those who refuse this Holy word to believe

How could one understand what these words meant
That God into the world His only Son have sent
To be born by the way of a virgin birth
And take on human flesh and dwell on earth

As he waited, weeping, holding unto Gods word
He was sure a still small voice he had heard
It said take and read over these words again
Then you will understand for I will make it plain

He was obedient and followed the words of the voice
And was brought into the presence of Jesus Christ
Where he confessed and repented of all of lifes sin
Accepted Salvation and entered into eternity with Him

1 Kings 19:11-12;Isaiah 5:14;Matthew 1:18-25;Luke 23:42-43;
John 3:3;5:25;14:1-6,19-20;Romans 8:5-6;10: 9,10;
1 Corinthians 2:14;Ephesians 5:14;Hebrews 9:14,20,22,26- 28;
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18


A Sinners Prayer

Dear God, I am coming to You tonight
Confessing my sin hoping to make it right
I'm sorry for all the things I have done
And for rejecting Jesus Christ, Your Son

Wash me in the blood that flowed from His side
That I may forever more with Him abide
Forgive me for all my transgressions and sin
Deliver my soul that I may be born again

Enter now I pray and cleanse my life
Wash it clean from all worldly strife
Take now this life and make it shine
A spotless vessel that is pure and fine

I have no more a desire to be my own
I am Yours now Lord and Yours alone
So I give myself over to Your will
And ask You to save my soul from hell

I ask You Lord would You now give
To me the strength I need to live
This new life You have given to me
Which will last through all eternity

This way as You know to me is new
And I'm not sure what I am to do
So teach me Lord that I may know
The right way in, which I am to go

I now thank You Lord for giving me
Your Salvation so pure and so free
Thank You Lord for helping me understand
Thank's for forgiving me in Jesus name

Matthew 9:13;John 3:16,1518,36;10:911;
Acts 2:21,38;Romans 10:8 13;13:11;
2 Corinthians 6:2; 7:10;1 Peter 1:22,23;
1 John 1:510;3:1-3


Birth of the King

There one night in a country
Of a land far, far away
Three wise men seeing a star
Shinning brighter than the day

Decided to follow it to see
What this sign was about
So they traveled on and on
To seek and search it out

And as they followed this sign
They realized this thing
This was surely from God
Proclaiming the birth of a King

While they took their journey
Beholding this wondrous sight
An angel appeared unto shepherds
Who were abiding in fields at night

As they hid their faces from him
He said to them, be not afraid
For unto you a child is born
In a manger He is now laid

They as the wise men had done
Followed the star in the sky
Until they came to an old stall
Where they found this baby boy

Unto the world a child was born
Born to pay Redemptions price
Unto the world a King was born
To give His life as a Sacrifice

A sacrifice for all mankind
To deliver them from their sin
That if they believe and receive
They can through Him be born again

As the sign was to the wise men
So is the Holy Spirit to us today
Leading the lost wandering soul
To Jesus from whom they did stray

So watch for the sign of the Spirit
And follow it to the foot of the cross
To where you too will meet this King
Who paid for your redemptions cost

Matthew 1:16,1825;2:46,
23;Luke 1:2638;
2:614;John 1:117,49,50;
1 Corinthians 15:3,4,5456;